Help..front end pushing

Bought my yz426 3 weeks ago. Went trailriding and loved it. :cry: Then Yesterday took it to the local mx track and really struggled to get it to turn. :cry: The track has 3 really sharp u-turns, all hardpack going to soft sand in and out of the turn. On a 2 stroke one would probably brakeslide into the turn and clutch the back around. Trying to get the 426 to swing around only leads to traction and the front being pushed. When trying to negotiate them at lower speed the beast stalls(450 mod comming up for sure!!!) so you have to slip the clutch all the way through. Aaargh..I know I suck at mx, but this plowing through tight turns is NO fun. :cry:Help!!

How does the Rekluse work for MX?

slide your forks up so that the distance between the top of the triple clamp and the small "line" on the fork tube is 4mm.

What type of dirt does the track have? If your running the stock 739 Dunlop and the track is med-soft then you should look into a different tire as well (say a756 Dunlop).

Also make sure your sag is set properly. If the rear suspension is too low in the stroke while your sitting on it you have a beast the wants to push and plow in the corners.

I do recommend the 450 cam mod. It allows you to bump start the bike (if you stall it in a corner from locking the rear wheel you can release the brakes and if your still moving the bike will bump start back to life!). Also the 450 cam will lessen the compression braking on the bike.....and smooth out the powerband.

Good luck!

Also you can move your rear wheel up as far as it will go. That will help turn in. Are you up touching the tank with your nuts? Weighting the outside peg? It is not a 2 smoke so dont try to turn it like one, even acceleration thru an arc, not stomp, slide and accelerate. That will work but not as fast.

Also, raise your idle to help it from stalling.

Satch:I am running Bridgestone M23 tires that are more for the hard terrain the rest of my riding consists of, so yea they are not the best for those particular sections, but the push I experience is much worse than what I expect the tires would be guilty of creating. The forks are dropped a bit, but I will look into adjusting the sag, that could be a reason.

Fastest: yea I am right on the filler man riding that outside peg like nothing. The problem in these turns are that you cannot turn them in a arc as they are real tight and are only like 3 bikes wide. So you have to either whip the bike around the inside-which on this bike creates traction, driving you to the outside of the turn. Or go around slowly, allowing everyone else to clear off in the distance.

David:I did turn idling up for trailriding, but on the track going around these short hairpins it pushes the bike into the turn and you then have to whip the clutch in to slow down enough, so I turned it right down.

I plan to get ALOT more time on the track and maybe in time I will ajust my style more to work for the F or get it more dialled in to work for me.But it is frustrating because I have never had this with 2 strokes.

All good points above. You can also try to stay standing as long as possible, then sitting down on the tank and braking with front brake so that the forks go down just as you turn, and remember to lift the inside leg all way as far ahead as possible. I even use a bit front brake sometimes all the way thru the turn. But I think you have a sag problem with the rear way too much down.

Dude just decrease the rebound in the forks, and let a little compression out. Its all forks. I'm suprised someone didnt tell you to check your valve clearances!

Let the air out! My bike was pushing like a mofo last time I rode it. I loosened the air bleed screws and only a little air came out, but it made one hell of a big difference.

I'm suprised someone didnt tell you to check your valve clearances!

Got your message, Michigan. Maybe it is best for me to STFU, right?

Set your sag at 90 and go from there. Pushing your forks up helps too but you lose a little stability by doing it. I usually just run a stiffer sag and that helps it corner a little better.

Or go balls out and get a revalve and have them make the top of the stroke softer on the forks.

Dropped the forks a bit and worked on the settings this week. After doing a load of laps I got more used to the 4 stroke and found that even though I THOUGHT I was riding the peg was actually lounging it when I sat down in the corners. I was also too eager to get on the gas and with good hook-up and bad body positioning this made the front push. This MX stuff is much harder than riding off-road. If you are not racing the clock things like these does not matter as there are other places where you are good and can make time up. On the track you mess up one section and you are history. I am so hooked... now if I can only turn back the clock 20 years...don't suppose you can help with that!! :cry:

I'm suprised someone didnt tell you to check your valve clearances!

Yea I tried that. It worked a real charm. Set them REAL loose. Then revved the motor to 12000 rpm. For some reason the piston was faster than the closing valves. They say the motor is a nice sized paperweight now, so the handling is not an issue anymore.

Solved my problem in a second...Thanks mate :cry: :cry:

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