Going for the WR now 04-05 +autoclutch any mods?

Well it sounds like i'm going to go with the Wr and lighten it up a little. Thanks everone!!!! Know I see the 04 is taller and has more compression + more travel than the 05 but yamaha says the 05 has more power I am cunfussed??? Does the 05 handel better lighter??? Since i have not been on a 05 I bet I wouldent know the difrence but would like to know. Also would it be possible to find a new 04 next spring???? What should i exspect to pay for an new 04??? Also I ride snowmobiles and love reliable motor hop ups what is the best hop ups not the free ones. Is there many and has anyone done any????

Also I know this sounds crazy but does anyone like the auto clutch is the takeoff as fast?? Sounds neet :cry:


Yes! Get the 04 for about $5,800. new. Then get a 570 piston/stroker kit with 14:1 compression and larger carb for 70+ rear wheel HP. Add a small nitro kit and bottle for 120 HP when you need to pass on short straights. If that is not enough you could look at a turbo kit for a easy 140 HP. Forget free mods they really dont rip your arms out of your sockets when riding. :cry:

Ya all just order that up and your total comes to 9,999 and thank you for shoping at waly world. :cry: No i just am looking to give the bike a little edge at the dunes and keep the bike running a little wile and not empty the bank acount. Is a piston a Idea?? I'm just a 2 stroke person and am clueless as to 4 stroke mods. THANKS

Hey snow, are you going for the 04 or 05.

I am buying my WR tuesday, and not sure yet, but I think i'll go with the 2005.

What about you ?

Peter :cry:

Well SpykeYs I'd like to go with the 04 since I will need the extra inch in the seat. I also talked with a few people that have picked one up for 5,400 to 5,500. I just hope there will be some 04's left over this spring.

And I think i'm going to go with the autoclutch.

Have you sat on a 04 and then on a 05 whats the difrence in feel besides the hight. Yamaha said they are thinner are they lighter??? THANKS


Well snow,

Here are the specs from yamaha website.

50.98" 2005

51.2" 2004

There is only a 0.22" differences.. Is it a big difference ? I don't think so.

:} Buying mine Tuesday. Not sure yet between 2004 and 2005 ehehe..

WOW never did the math although I do know it hass less rear travel but i dought I would notice that the only reason (now) I am going with the 04 is price that is if there is anly left in the spring. :cry: may have to get the 05 I think bolth are good bikes.

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