CC vs MM down on a 46mm YZ450

Right now my bike is revalved by Factory Connection and I feel the fork is riding in the mid stroke much of the time. Its at 135mm down, but I want to bring it to 120mm. At the same time I don't want to break the forks down to measure, is there an conversion between cc's of oil and the measurement from the top?

pi (r*r) h

3.141527 (23*23)15= volume in cc's


well I am good at math, but that theory work if the tube was empty. so I was hoping someone already did that.

I think its roughly 1mL of oil for every 1mm of oil level.You might want to test it out yourself first as i'm not 100% sure.

Thanks Bro.

You might want to pull your compression spring, drop it in a graduated cylinder and measure its displacement per cm/spring and report back to us.


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