XR720? Whatttt?!

I've heard that someone has a 720 kit for the XR650. Is this true? Dear lord man, that would be insane. I have a drz, and soon to be an XR650; if this is true I'll have to get that! If not, are there any other XR650 big bore kits? :)

dont know why you would need one! There is always the HRC kit...not a bigger bore though. This thing uncorked is...a beast.

This was a kit for the xr650l, one of the print rags did a article about it a couple of years ago.

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I know. I probably could never find a spot to give it more than 1/3 throttle. I get the chills just thnking about it! I read the XR650 test on off-road.com and they said the uncorked version made 12 more horsepower! :) Holy sh*t, that is a big jump. I can't wait to get the bike!

I have seen a 730 Big Bore on a XR650R when I was shoping for my current bike. It was used by either Scott Summers (before he quit) or Johnny Cambel as a practice bike. Unless you are planing on riding aboe 20,00 feet or doing about 130 through Baja, why in the hell would you want it? You are drastically reducing the overall reliability of the bike. The uncorked 650R has about all the power you would ever need.

have a 94 xr600r. Everyone keeps talking about uncorking the 650 and getting appx 12 hp. Can an a 94 - 600 get uncorked? and have the same drastic increase?

The XR600 did not have as much mandated resrticition on it. However you can buy 12 hp more for it as well. Honda's own powerup kit is a good place to start for that.

I know it is human nature, but motorcyclists of all people should know better than to ask why when someone wants an engine with more power. Why bore anyone with the negatives? If a person wants power they want power. Doesn't have to be a reason, hell if there did have to be we wouldnt be able to justify motorcycles at all.

NO the new xr650r has an intake manifold that is very small the first thing you do to the bike is throw it away and buy the larger one then add bigger jets and throw away some boots ect in the air box!It was made that way so it would pass ca smog!!Your bike aready has a normal intake manifold.Theres not much you can do but put a pipe on it or make the bore larger sorry. terry.

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