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Looking for aftermarket Duke turnsignal indicators

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Here is the problem I see with aftermarket turn signals. I had a Ducati Monster with aftermarket signals on it. They looked great, but would pop bulbs from vibration. Let me tell you the vibration on a Monster is nothing compared to the Duke. If you find some that hold up please let me know.

If you are looking to clean up the the bike, relocate the plate. I saw a pic of a guy who cut off the mounting bracket and place the plate on the back of the air box. So I tried it. Real easy fix, 1. remove plate and bracket that holds exhaust cons on 2. cut off everything that does not hold the exhaust system in place 3. replace exhaust bracket 4. bend plate to fit the curve of the back of the air box 5. clean plate and back of the air box 6. use velcro to fix plate to air box.

I did this a week ago and the plate has not moved at all and it really cleans up the back of the bike.

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