83 XR500 top end noise

Any old-school riders out there? I have an 83 XR500R making some crazy top end noise. It sounds like it is coming from the top right side of the engine. Not knowing any better I would say it is a incorrectly adjusted valve, but I know better and the valves have been checked and are tight. My money is on the CAM chain, but thought I would check and see if anyone else has heard a similar noise in the past.

Just powered up the XR650R. The thing is INSANE!

It definately sounds like what you are refering to, is cam chain/ or cam bearing journals. I wouldn't run the engine until you can get in there and take a peek at the top end! Believe me! I have seen what a busted cam chain can do to the top end of this bike. I have (a blown top end,xr5oor) sitting in my basement as a reminder. I have looked up the prices and they are very spendy, new. ($500) Used heads are getting hard to come by. So make sure the oil lines are good, and that there is oil getting to the top end. Simple things like a new oil seal on the crank shaft (five bucks) can improve oil flow to the top end, as the oil flows up from the crankshaft. You can't reverse the damage done, but you can prevent any more from happening.--Credit Xrjohn lear on any info for the xr500r, of which he is an expert![code][/code]

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