xr600r bogging Help

I just picked up a 96 600.Runs great except right off idle.If im just coasting at idle and hit the throttle hard it bogs.Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.Thanks

I just answered the same q in the post "drilling holes in slide", the same answer applies. Disassemble the throttle, clean everything, lube the cables. Clean the carb, check pilot jet is a 62 for stock motor.

the drilling of the slide is to relieve the common throttle stick issue. A bogging problem is probably not related, imo.

Am I the only one that doesnt really have this problem? I've had my carb part a couple times and theres no drilling or shimming. All I did was lube and adjust the cables and any stick it had was 90% gone. When the cable bracket on the carb rattles loose, thats another story. No bog either unless I go from near-stalling idle to WOT, and I never have occasion to do that. Maybe just my style. Stock carb, 68 pilot, 158 main, needle in the middle. Fully uncorked and typically around 3000-6000ft.

About drilling the slide, though, do you poke the hole only on the vacuum side? That makes sense to me since it would create an offset vacuum above the slide and make it easier to overcome the vacuum behind it.

I have a 97 XR600 and my brother has a 94 XR600...both of them have this exact same problem. It was unnerving to me at first, but I have discovered that this particular issue just never raises its head in a meaningful way when trail riding. I would like to find a solution to it, but it isn't nearly as big an issue as I was afraid it might be.

well its def a loss of fuel problem i had the same prob as you guys 158 main 68 pilot ont he 3rd needle and it had the bottom bog but otherwise ran great-- so i got bored found the smallest drill bit i could drilled out the pilot and i couldnt get the damn thign to bog if i tried now but i opened it up quite a bit and it is a tad to rich for my liking but the fastest twist of the throttle will not make this thing bog,, so now im in search for a 70 or next size up pilot if there is any

It wants a squirt of gas :rolleyes:when you slam that throttle open fast. , A pumper carb would help a lot... :D

My 89 xr6 wanted to die at idle and bog , I cleaned everything good put in a new plug ,93 octane gas ,and opened up the fuel mixture screw between the carb and motor a 1/2 turn , now it runs good.

But I just put a set of Protaper bars on it and they are narrower than the stock bars and the throttle wants to hang up any ideas ? if I unclamp the throttle and stretch it out it snaps shut fine ,so I don't thing the cables are dry just in a small bind.

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