jetting after exhaust and throttle stop screw, grey wire

2004 wr450 made these mods and now the bike runs alot better but without riding it only twisting throttle in the garage found that a quick twist of the throttle seemed to bog down , i am about 400 ft elevation ride sometimes in the area of 400 too 6000 ft in the sierras, first ride was this weekend and came home to make these changes and noticed the problem thanx much.

Dont do jetting test in your garage! Get out on the trails and tell us what happens. The engine has to be good and hot with a live load on it not just running on a stand. :cry::cry:

thanks il try that , going next week il bring my jets with me , it seems like it has a lot more power just a bog just of idle the rest as i can tell is good , but your right now try it first thanx.

I dont know what your current setting are, you dont list them but most start out here and adjust from there,



stock PAJ

#3-#4 on needle clip position

1-1/2-1-3/4 Pilot screw

should also note these are for poeple who have installed after market exhaust and other mods.

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