Anyone been to Kennedy Meadows, CA?

I'm looking for new places to ride (especially with California's GD red sticker :) laws). What kinds of trails will I find there? Is camping available there or nearby motels? Would it be worth the 2-1/2 to 3 hour drive? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Its a great place if you like slow trail riding Its really one of the few places you can ride in the high sierras.Its high up so you might want to bring some jets.Alot of the guys here ride up there.I like the fish creek campground others prefer troy meadows. The rangers check for sound level during peak season so keep that in mind.later terry.

Kennedy Meadows is in the Sierra Nevada/Sequioa area. It has spectacular beauty and is well worth the trip. The Kernville area has an infinite amount of fire roads and trails to ride in. Several organizations run Dual Sport rides up there (Dual, Out There Dust) that are worth riding in. It is very easy to get lost up there, so bring lots of provisions and a good map of the area (available at the Forestry Stations).

A couple of years ago, there were horrible forest fires that wiped out a lot of the area. I am not sure the conditions there, as I have not ridden there since then. But it can be fire roads, or single track (some easy, some sadistic). I am not sure of the access, because the USFS has to be concerned about erosion with the trees being burned down, but then again, they are running DS thru there!

If you are interested, here is the URL for the District 37 Dual Sport Calender and in July, Out There is running a DS, thru Kennedy Meadows. You could contact them for more info

And Damon at Dual Dogs is very knowledgeable about the whole area.

If you can get ahold of Nate Sciaqua of the Dirt Diggers (President), he is very knowledgeable about the whole area (he lives in Lake Isabella) and could tell you about places no one knows about. Better yet, take you on a ride (but then you may never return knowing Nate, because this guy is an animal!)

Check the D37 webpage (see above) and consider the Bass Lake, Big Bear Lake, Kennedy Meadows rides and the Dual Dogs Kernville ride. All very worth your time. You will thank yourself!

Hope that answered your question.


Thanks guys for the replies.

It sure sounds like a fun place. Everyone that responded in the other forums (Thanks ThumperTalkers) also said it was a great place to ride. I guess I'll be heading up there soon. Thanks again.


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