Hi there.

I am just in the process of buying a brand new 2001 XR650R. (leftover)

The only thing that is stopping me from picking it up now is the seat height. I am only 5'4 in height, but I weigh 205lbs. (my other hobby is powerlifting/bodybuilding)

Is there any way I can lower the height of the seat???

Someone must have some tricks up there sleeve to help out a short-ass. Every rider here can't be tall??? :D LOL!

Any and all advice/information you can give me will be very appreciated. (no matter how insignificant it may seem to you - give it to me anyway, I'm desperate) :)



Originally posted by Pitbull:


Someone must have some tricks up there sleeve to help out a short-ass. Every rider here can't be tall??? :) LOL!


Here's some threads to read that may be of some help - hopefully. They are about XR250 & XR400's, but they may give you some ideas.

I know the following are lowering links for the XR600 and XR650L, but maybe Devol makes them for the XR650R now??? de=BD-Bike-Store&Product_Code=100007

If none of this gives you any ideas, send Rob Barnum an email or give him a call to see if he has any ideas. He does suspension work on all kinds of bikes and professionally races an XR650R. He's probably got some ideas and I'm sure he'd be more than glad to discuss them with you. You can email him at or call him at (760)868-8097

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I suggest you try it at standard height for a while. I know a lot of riders that are short that ride these tall bikes. The shape your in you might want to push this bike to it’s limits after your used to it. Shortening will make this bike way less capable. The way it is you can truck down fire trails and let the suspension work while standing on the pegs. It probably ain’t bad sitting. Not too many people have a 37” inseam so we’re all in the same boat. You hardly ever want to put your feet down. Shorten it up so you can will limit suspension travel you will miss if you allow yourself a chance to get used to it. For kick starting, get up on the pegs with the side stand down.


Thanks for the replies/advice so far guys.

qadsan - That e-mail addy for Rob Barnum is incomplete or something??? I tried to e-mail him & kept getting mail system errors because of the addy.

Do you have the complete one???



Posted message twice - sorry.


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Sorry about that. I fixed the email address in the above message and here it is again. Rob is racing the 6 hour Glen Helen Grand Prix today, so it may be tomorrow night before he can get back with you, but he's a good person to talk to and will hopefully have some good ideas for you. I'm not sure how tall Rob is, but I'm pretty sure he's also under 6 foot. Good luck!

Thanks again qadsan!

The links you posted for me have some interesting info. Them lowering links look interesting.........I just wonder how much they will effect performance???


Lowering the seat is the way to go. I cant tell you how better it made me after lowering mine and i'm 5'10". I do a lot of hills/rocks and everything got ten times easier when i was able to put a foot or two down. It really helps put you in control of this 300lb plus monster. I took an electric carving knife to mine and took off 2". Thats an easy way of doing it and it still looks decent. My buddies tried the bike and they think it killer. In fact, my one buddy just bought a new cannondale 440 and has same problem. Since he has money, he sent his off to a company called CEET and they are lowering his seat and adding an american flag seat cover. Those cannondale guys are big into all that made in america stuff. If i had the money and could handle not riding for a couple weeks, i would go that route. I know you can also lower the bike by adjusting your rear shock. I doubt i would buy the lowering link.

Thanks Slow Poke.

Why wouldn't you buy a lowering link???

What do you know about them???

Pros & Cons???



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