New '01 BRP, good price

Well yip yip yeah. I have joined the ranks of brp owners. Thanks to Eugene Cycle Sports having a sale on 2001 models for $4,498.00. They didn’t have the “power up” kit in stock so that will come in later this week. I got the e-line dual sport kit. It looks a little slicker then the Baja designs. The folks in the parts department said the e series WB was a bunch better then the stock muffler with the “power up” baffle installed so that will come in later this week also. I was pleased with the first starting experience. The place was so busy that it was a sign-and-run type of purchase. They assure me that the bike had been serviced, although I couldn’t see any oil on the dipstick, figured it was like the old 600 and the oil was down below ready to get returned when started. Turned the fuel on, lifted the little black lever all the way up, rolled it over to top, started on the second kick. Corked up in the parking lot it felt like it had more low end then the 600. I can’t wait to get the rest of the goodies and try it with the pipe. I’m hoping there are rpm and throttle zones where the pipe can be made quite enough to get by on the street. Any chance of this? Stock it’s sure quiet. Any old and slow riders interested in eastern Oregon desert exploring this summer drop me a mail.


Good deal! I personally dont like Cycle sports cause all their small print BS!

Anyhow, that is great. I have a Xr6 that is dual sported. I also live in Corvallis. Do you ever to ride up at Starker? Flat Mountain is the name of the riding club. Anyways, trails like browns camp but better. Also there is a whole mountain.

Next saturday and sunday there is work parties from 9am-2pm. You do that once and you get your permit for the riding season. Season start on 3/16 up there. I am planning on going 3/17. Email me if you are interested. I will be working on 3/16, but can give you the info to get your permit.

Anyhow, if you want to ride in Eastern Oregon, let me know. I know exactly where to go! We use to have a cabin at the BrownLee Reservior there on the Oregon/Idaho border. Trails all over the place and I know all the Ranchers there so I have access to about 1000 sq miles up there from lookout mountian to Eagle Crest to I5 there. I know most of it like the back of my hand there. 10 years riding up there, it is great!

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Congrats on the new pig! Just wait until you get the power up kit on that'll be amazed at the difference. I've had my '01 since June, and its been great. No problems, just a lotta fun riding.

Just one thing about the exhaust. Check this out before you get the E-Series.

The power up baffle is pretty quiet, and doesn't choke off performance all that much.

Anyway, have fun with the new ride, it'll definately be in its element over there in the high desert!

Nat-I have to agree. I felt like I was nickled and dimed to death before I was able to just load the bike up and get out of the place. Reminded me of buying a ford.

Red-Thanks for the link to the pipe shoot out. Very interesting. The info has convinced me to get the stock muffler insert and try it. The WB E series is already on the way though. It doesn't look like to bad a choice for my kind of riding.


Ahh...another satisfied customer of Eugene Cycle Spodes. :)

After reading that pipe shootout, I'd have to say I'm most impressed with the E-Series, judging by the dyno. It doesn't give up any power to the stock pipe at any RPM. Judging by how well the E-Series on my '99 XR600 worked, I'd definately get one for the 650 (that is, if I were in the market for a pipe). I just like the sound of 'em anyway!

Hope you're enjoying the bike.

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