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Eddy Quicksilver carb

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So what kind of problems are people having with these on the Xr6oos? I just installed one and the most of my carb issues are gone. The bike warms up faster, no more bog!@!!!!@#@!!@!!!! Power, there is more low end for sure. Top end, well I have not had a long enough road yet.

I am on the list to upgrade to the pumper, but right now I dont see the need to. Now the motor is less than stock with the WB1652 cam, header, exhaust and gutted intake. I did install the 19 needle instead of the stock 17 before I even installed the unit cause of the mods. Maybe that is why it runs good on my bike, the mods.

[ March 10, 2002: Message edited by: Matt96xr6 ]

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