lowering forks

I loosened what appears to be all the brackets that keep the forks in place on the 2003WR450 to lower the front forks. Zip ty racing lowered my rear shock and added a HD spring for my weight. I have not sat on the bike since I am in the process of adding the dual sport kit. Will the forks slide up towards the handlbars when I do sit on the bike? Do have to loosen anything else? Thanks

You got it. 4 bolts per triple clamp and you need to adjust the forks the same distance out of the top triple clamp. I run 15mm above flush. The bike turns quicker and has more weight on the front wheel when you do this adjustment. :cry:

When you have the 4 bolts loosened and the bike is sitting on a stand with the front wheel off the ground you are ready to begin. Using a flat screwdriver pry the the lower clamp apart slightly so that the fork can be twisted and moved upwards. :cry:

The wr has 11.8 " of front wheel travel. I would recommend measuring the distance between the top of the front tire and the bottom of the front fender. On my 04 WR 450 it is right at 12" which leaves no room to lower the fork with out the tire hitting the fender upon bottoming out. Your Wr might be different but I would measure it and see.

There is a scribe mark on the 03 450 fork, which I understand, is the raise limit mark to avoid bottoming out. I run mine at that point and the bike handles alot better in the woods.

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