Big Bore Kit for XR600

i have heard several things....

what exactky does 628? big bore kit entail?


WOW,,Idon't know where matt is getting his pistons, but I need to know!!

Anyway, I was thinking if I ever did it again, instead of using a sleeve I would send it off to either RPM or Ericgorr and get them to bore and replate instead of sleeve. the plating works so good on stock and two stroke big bores i would like to try it on a 4stroke.

In short you will need a manual and probably take your engine out of the frame. It isnt that hard really.

The real 628 kit that was used for racing was very expensive. The big boost came from high compression piston and bigger cam and taller gearing that was all part of the kit from Honda raceing. It was hard to start but very fast.

A lower compression bigger bore setup for pump gas and easy starting might be better for a play fun bike. If your cams are good then a new pistin and rings will make a lot more power on an older engine for under $200.

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