Burned my Clutch in first Lap of Race

In Saturdays Race in wet and muddy conditions my clutch totaly broke down on a slight uphil section.

Thought my tires spins withoput traction or got a flat .

But as far as I shifted up to 4th and still no traction I rcogniced what happend.

Man that sucks 5 month old and in the worst moment at the beginning of a 2 hour race that sh.... happend. :cry: :cry: :cry:

Just took it apart.

The clutch case is very "ruted" at the back.

Did you guys it is necesary to put a new clutch case in there too or just replace the steel and rubbing discs?? :cry: :cry:

Sorry to hear, I never had clutch problems with my 426 or 450. Silly questions: did you have enough clutch freeplay? What oil do you use? Maybe you simply broke down your clutch, mine keeps a rattlin noise on high gear/low rpm's, but they say it's normal. Is it?

Yes think the freeplay was the prob. got very small one since the beginning.

BTW. Congrats to your fellow Countryman Simo Kirrsi for winning the Championchip Series yesterday. And a car worth 30k Euros

That was the series i was in too :cry:

Link to race

Thanks Baycrosser, Simo is a talented guy, I did not know he had won the series, good for him. The prizes in MX (outside USA) are usually soooo modest, this was a good one. My friend has Simo's practice bike from 2003, 525 SX. It had black plastics when he ran KTM in Germany. :cry:


FYI... The first place prize for winning an AMA National here in the states is only $1550 (US). These guys are making their money from the sponsors. I feel bad for some of the guys that are privateers and win very little if any money for a top 20 finish.


Yes Huggy, I'm real pissed this sports is so overlooked compared with so many other sports where you easily become a millionaire if you are even a bit talented, say like golf, hockey, basketball, football... shall I go on? :cry: :cry:

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