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Racinace and friend Jeff in Hawaii!

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I forgot my camera in the truck right before we left! :cry: :cry: The footage would of been classic but SH*T!!!! I F*cked up!

Ace had his friend Jeff along. Ace rode Puinsai_5's CRF250X and Jeff rode my KDX220. It was a muddy mess all day so we took them on the mellowest trails we could find just to be nice. The humidity took its toll on the guys but in the end they said they had a good time. I wish I had the camera! I can't even begin to tell you how I screwed up by not bringing it!!!!!!!!!! :lol:

Anyway, When Ace gets back I'll let him tell the whole story. OK, who's next??? Oh yeah, needsprayer. Needsprayer, your name couldn't be more perfect...

Hawaii trails have confirmed it again. Everyone and I mean everyone no matter how big you are, bad you are, fast you are, strong you are, confident you are, from novice to Pro levels.... You ride trails here and you get your a$$ kicked, period. :cry:

Racinace after the ride. A really cool guy... :cry: :cry:


Jeff, Ace, Duane, Jay and Yamafreek bench racing afterwards...


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