yz426 hotstart /cam questions

I have a couple of questions for you guys. First off I have a yz426 in a quad frame it is using the first generation fcr carb the head is from a 400, on the intake there is an air tube that is unused in the quad. If I hook a hot start button to this would it do the same thing by letting in fresh air? Also I just bought a set of cams with adj. intake and I was wondering how to degree the intake cam,What power band changes does advancing/retarding the came make?

Yes, that should be your hot start hose. Either plug it permanently or install a hot-start valve.

In the (very) early days of this site there were a few guys changing the cam timing on their 400s. If I remember correctly they advanced the intake timing by about 5 degrees for more low end punch. They also advanced the exhaust timing...

Stock YZ 400 timing lobe centers should be:

113 ATDC Exhaust

101 BTDC Intake

Hope this helps.

Another question With any one that has installed the hot cams. There are two punch marks on the auto decomp cam one on top and one on the left side. When one is lined up the other isn't so there is either 12 pins between cam gear centers or 13 which way do I put it for yz timing I'm assuming it is like this because it is listed for both the wr and yz.

there will be 14 pins between punch marks. :cry:

Are you positive on that 14 seems like an awful lot?

Pm "Hotcams" he is a member here. It is more about position of lobes than pin count. He even has in his signature "do not count pins" :cry:

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