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Bigwoods 200 !!!!!!!!!

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I just got back from Wisconsin and the Bigwoods 200.

What an awsome time!!!!!

That was the most fun I've had on a dirt bike.

John and the guys from the Madison Motorcycle Club and the entire town of Wabeno, Wisconsin put on a spectacular event.

I've never been on a ride where I didn't have to worry about food. They fed us a light breakfast Saturday morning. After about 75 miles of beautiful country, we arrived at the lunch stop...a chili dinner put on by the VFW. Bear chili (yes, I said bear), venison chili, pizza chili or chili chili. All the folks at the VFW were very friendly and genuinely glad to see us. Too cool.

Then it was back to the woods. There was a bit of everything terrain wise. The hero sections were nice and tough, as the busted headlight on my bike will attest to. The ATV trails were fun, if not a bit dusty. The winding gravel roads were a hoot as well. We must have done 15 miles of twisty gravel road complete with synchronized feet up powerslides though nearyl every turn. It was freakin awsome.

Then there was dinner Saturday night. Ribeyes so huge I could barely eat the whole thing. Raffles with all kinds of kickass goodies. A huge bonfire...a campground with a bar...who could ask for more.

Sunday morning featured a french toast and sausage...and homemade cinimon rolls that would kill a diabetic.

Unfortunately, a blown countershaft seal kept me from riding Sunday. Since we had an 8 hour drive back home, we packed it up and headed out.

We will definately be going back next year. This event is truely a hidden treasure of the north. It was so much fun being involved with a ride that is so welcomed by the local comunity. After meeting the guys who put it on, it is no wonder why it is such a raging success.

Anyone who is within a day's drive of northern Wisconsin is really missing out if you don't make the Bigwoods 200.

Thanks John, the Madison Motorcycle Culb and the town of Wabeno. You all ROCKKKK!!!!! :cry: :cry:

Here's their link:

Bigwoods 200

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Sounds like a good time. I only have one question, with all that good food and some rough riding I would think buttwipe would be a good addition to your riding pack!!!! :cry:. I take long rides and always carry it anyway but I don't eat much while riding or before. :cry:

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