86 XR600R popping and spitting when secondary carb opens

Hi all. Went riding this weekend and my XR600 would pop and sputter anytime the secondary carb would open. It didn't matter if it was under load or not, but it would kinda clear up near the higher rpms. It starts and idles just great but anytime you get on it, it just starts spitting and popping. it is all stock with a 1.0mm over piston. any ideas? any insight will be greatly appreciated.

This is a great forum and know someone will helpout.


If it just started doing this and all others things have been unchanged then it is time to open up the carbs and clean them out. Sounds like you have something plugging up one of the jets in the second carb. While you are taking them off look over the intake boots to make sure they are in good shape and don't have any air leaks.

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