hrc power up

Hello brp pilots. Has anyone tried the hrc power up kit, piston, cam, etc...? If so what was the experience? I'm contenplating putting one in my 01 and was curious if it was still manageable in tight trails etc.. Also how well it worked for the duel sport aspect? Any specs on what hp or torque the kit adds? My local dealer knew nothing. thanks jimmy :)

Jimmy, our U.K. xr650r s are dual-sport and

when I added the kit I gained more torque

everywhere. Instant arm wrenching acceleration

band ( top gear ) increased to about 50-70 mph

from a previous top of 55mph.

Tight trails are as easy as pre-kit.

The quoted figures are 15% extra for kit plus

open exhaust can. I don't have can, just

kit plus panel holes and I reacon I've gone

from 50 rearwheel hp to about 56.

A fellow Brit. with an Arrow exhaust has dynoed

at 59.

cheers, Craig

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