Got myself in a pinch!!! Need help XR650R Throttle problems!!

I'm just beginning to understand how to work on this bike (mostly by tearing it down and then putting things back together). So here is my dilema:

I bought some Acerbis aluminum bar bark busters and ran into a problem putting them on. Got the clutch side one on fine but when trying to put the right one on I found that the stock plastic throttle tube didn't have a big enough hole for the metal bar/tightener to go through. I could get it through ut when tightened down it would not allow freeplay for the throttle to move freely. So I took the throttle tube off and cut out the end of the tube so there was space for the throttle to move easily. Well when I was doing that I took the top of the cable tracer (don't know what the real term is) off and when I did the cable moved right over against the wall of the plastic. Now I can't get that top piece back on because it's friggen impossible to get that cable in the track while trying to jam it down before the cable moves (man am I doing a horrible job of explaining this). Is anybody understanding this?? And if so how do you get that cable thread? I'm leaving for Kennedy Meadows Thursday so I'm really bummed right now unless I can get this bike back together. HELP!! :cry::lol: :lol: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :lol: :lol: :lol:

41 looks and not a single one of you have any clue???

It's not the throttle tube I have a problem with it's the black plastic part that the cable feeds through. It's the next thing over from your throttle on the bar. On top of the black thing is a small screw and if you take that out the plastic cover pops off. Under this plastic cover is a plastic mold (attached to the top piece) that threads the cable smoothly to the screws that hold the plastic piece onto the cables. Does that help??? I'm dying here and need some help quick. This should be really easy but for some reason it's not....HELP!!! :cry: :cry: :cry:

O.K. let me try to help... I have bark busters too. you did right by cutting off the end of the throttle tube, but I would not have opened the twist throttle itself, but since you did, you will have to go to the carb itself, and loosen the cable adjuster from there, to get all the slack that you can. maybe even take the cable right off, then put the top back together! then re-attach the cable to the carb and adjust the free play!!! let me know how it works for you.

:cry: :cry:

Thanks for the response. I actually got it all figured out. I didn't want to undo the cables because I wasn't sure of proper cable length/tension etc..etc. Got lucky and it just popped right back in after fussing w/ it for about 2 hours. :cry: :cry: Appreciate the help though :cry:

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