triple clamps

I just got my tax return yesterday and started searching the web for what I could buy for my 2001 XR400. I am leaning twards triple clamps. I can get top and bottom clamps from fmf for $136. (they are on sale I guess?) Does anyone have these on there bike? Does it help the front end out at all? Any info would be great thanks

Sorry I can't help, just wondering where you are at in Washington. I am in Camas, near Portland, but sometimes travel to NE Washingon. Maybe we can hook up if you are near. Ryan

I live in Sequim Washington on the olympic pennisula. It would be great to hook up and ride with ya. I have an aunt that lives in camas.

Sequim is an interesting place. We are riding the Fun Run up at Capitol. Are you going? There will be a group of us from Vancouver/Portland. How do you like the Vortip? Much difference from stock? I just ordered a Hot Tip and have changed from a Supertrapp back to stock. My recommendation on the triple clamp is spend money on Gold Valves first, or have you? They make a world of difference. Ryan

when is the ride at capital? I might go. I will check on the gold valves. thanks.. the vortip did seem to help the power out a little bit, and I dont think that it is as loud as other pipes out there

Well if you do not have a fork brace, do that first. That seems to be one of the best front end mods.

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