Cold start problem.


I crashed a month ago and now I'm ready to jump back up in the saddle.

I washed the dirt off the bike and then I wanted to start the bike prior to adjusting the bars, decomp and the clutch that was moved out off position after the crash.

My problem was that the bike that usually starts on my first or second kick didn't want to start at all. After some twenty kicks or so (like an hour later) it ignited twice with five or so kicks inbetween. Still no start. After a few more kicks I had a exhaust bang, that happened three times.

What kind of problem do I have?

I do not use waterplug for the exhaust but I try to be careful with my waterhose.



I'd start with the simple stuff first...try replacing the spark plug. It may look fine, but alot of times that cures the problem. Good luck! :cry:

Definitely change the plug first, sounds like thats the problem.

I know they already said it but I just had that happen to me yesterday. Its the plug.

Ya... and don't do what I just did. I put a brand new plug in my bike, then, Kicked and kicked and kicked. Yes it did start but after getting back to the garage I looked at the box the plug came in and realized I put the wrong plug in. :cry::cry::cry:

Dang I hate doing things twice. :cry:


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