XR6 Countershaft Sprocket Question

I have gone through a set of chain/sprockets in under 11 months and am now installing new ones again. My question is regarding the position of the c/s sprocket. Should the 1/8" spacer side be towards the case or away? I bought the bike used and can't find the info in my manual. Currently, it is pointing away from the case. Could you guys take a peek and see how yours are set up? Thanks in advance, Ryan

I am not sure about the direction. You may be able to determine the direction by looking at the parts diagram on a web site like www.powersportspro.com . Maybe that will help. I would tell you for sure, but I have my XR600 torn down right now.

The shoulder goes to the outside. On some sprockets like the stock ones it is shaped like the retainer plate and matches up with it. On others it is just a round boss. The steel chain guide should be a clue. It should line up with the center of the chain. That is the guide that mounts right on the engine and wraps around the countershaft sprocket. The xr600 engines have a floating countershaft sprocket and alignment may be kind of vauge as the sprocket drifts in or out but the rear wheel alignment is still importent. Do not trust the marks on the axle setup. Check the sprocket alignment with the bike on a stand. If the chain is not running true it will wear the sprockets on one side or the other and wear out the chain too. The rear chain guide may also be worn in with groove that will throw off your chain alignment test if it is bent or been running for a while with the rear wheel out of square. More often than not the marks are off on the swingarm or snail adjusters so never trust them.

If you did 10,000 miles in that time then you did good. If you got 11 months and 2,000 miles then something is wrong.

Buy a $52 RK X ring chain from Rockymountain and two sprockets and if needed chain guides, swing arm rub plates and roller and start over all new and it will last for many thousands of miles.

In addition to the above: Yes it goes to the outside of the case. I changed my front and rear sprokets and used a DID X ring chain, I hope its worth the money. The front sproket goes on loose of all the crazy things it is designed with a type of retainer clip that allows it to float on the front counter shaft. Check your rear sproket after a few hundred miles and look for wear in the sides.

Thanks for the info guys. I had it right, just looked funny. I too went with the DID X-ring as Rocky Mountain had it for only $68, much better than anywhere else. Hopefully it lasts longer than 10 months.

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