Blue Smoke @ Start up *DELETED*

Post deleted by AzXr628

Is it doing this upon start up "every" morning?? Or when it's had the chance to cool for long periods?

I hope you answer "no" to this and it's only happened the one time.

If you're a "yes"... then there is some issues that will need to be addressed very soon. Some of the more qualified "engine" gurus can help you with those issues.


no at first it was very heavy smoke,today it is not as bad,but it still smoking

My guesses;

Try adjusting the valves just to be sure... then if there's smoke (blue smoke) when you ride or when it's first started... like in the morning, or when it's cooled and sat for a while, it could be rings... (or???)

My bike had a ring issue, as well as a messed up crank. But I tortured my bike back in the day. So my problems came from many dumb arse things... Not sure about yours.

I'm surprised you haven't gotten any replies yet from the Gurus on the site. Come on guys... help him out!

Worn valve stem seals/piston rings or to mutch oil?

Thanks for the replies.All good.But as the saying goes check the nut behind the wheel (in this case the handle bars)When using a uni filter DONT use K&N Oil it is to thin and sucks throught an makes smoke.took the filter off cleaned the throut to the carb no smoke :thinking:another mystery solved :cry:

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