XRSpeedRacer.......... question for ya???

Hello there.

I read in another post where you said you were going riding with a friend(s) on his 4-wheeler.

I wondered if you do this often and how does the XR650 perform in places where the 4-wheelers go?

How does it perform when following them on the slow (chugging along) stuff??

Last one, how often do you get stuck???

The reason I ask this is because most of my buddies are riding 4-wheelers, although I have a 4-wheeler, I find I am bored to death. So I am buying dirt bike and plan to go with them on that, except in the winter months. (I'll have to go back to 4 wheels then)

Also to go with my 2 sons - just bought them both new 2002 bikes, a XR50 and an XR70. :-)

Thanks for any info. you can give me, anyone else is welcome to chime in with info. too!


Pitbull what province are you in? If your in Ontario check out the Ontario Dual Sport Clubwebsite.

It won't be much fun riding with ATV guys. If you don't know anyone else with a bike that you can ride with get yourself involved with a club in your area.


Pit Bull,

If you are thinking of getting a XR650 then you need to find new frends. You might as well be following a school bus. The 650 is a power house and needs to go fast. If a 4 wheeler can go there the 650 will be waiting. They are a bit heavy at slow speeds but they are easer to ride than the XR600 and I could go any place with mine.

I went with the DRZ 400 but that is another story.

ODSC1 - I'm in Nova Scotia, I'll check out that Ont. website anyway,I'll also look for any clubs in this province, or New Brunswick.

Thanks for the advice.

MOREDESERT - thank you for the advice also. Not all my riding will be with 4 wheelers, I just wanted to know how the 650R will perform if I wanted to take the it to that type of riding sometimes.

Forgot to mention in my post that I started riding dirtbikes when I was 5 years old and had one from then until I was 21. (31 now)


I ride with my brother quite a bit. He rides a Banshee, I ride an XR650R. I go a lot of places a can't, end up waiting for him.

My .02 cents

Its ok riding behind 4-wheelers but you feel as if you are going slow as molasess(sp?). Everytime you get a chance you'll blow by them and usually wind up waiting. In mud I do fine, hardly ever get stuck unless im doing something foolish that was just too much fun to pass up and I have a buddy there to pull me out. In mud, I just go as fast as I can, try to get the front end light right before hitting the mud, hit it hard, hold on and pray it goes in the direction you aimed :) . If it does get stuck, your gonna be glad you got some 4-wheeler guys with you. I got the bike stuck in the middle of a creek in 3 foot water and 2 foot mud(bike was just about submerged other than the handlebars and took FOREVER TO GET OUT!!!) In sand, my bike feels like a wallowing pig, pushes everywhere in the turns so I generally try to slide it in at an angle where I dont have to do much turning at the apex...works pretty well but I often slide/ride right off the Burm, hehe(suspension has never been touched and I know it could be corrected if I played with it but I'm too lazy and dont know what im doing with suspension). It does fine on tight trails, I have never had a problem with it. As everybody has stated already, it loves the open field/wide trails and with the HRC Kit, it HAULS BOOTAY and I have found no other bikes that tear stuff up with as much ease as this bike does....POWERFULL!!! I have had mine boil over twice from riding very slow but when I took apart the thermometer it was stuck wide open and since corrected it has only happened once and that was when I was in first gear for about 5 min winding it out in sand going nowhere fast(about 2 feet every ten seconds....Installing the HRC Kit seemed to help with this issue also). Basically, you can go anywhere 4-wheeler buds go except deep mud, can climb stuff they never dreamed of, go on tighter trails faster. In all honesty, you will prolly get bored I would think following behind them. My father has a raptor and so he moves at a decent pace and we do fine together at Sam Houston Nat'l Forrest near Huntsville Tx....lots of trails that get tight and sandy, but I still wind up waiting on him a lot of times. Oh yeah, youll also find that those little XR 50/70's are as much or more fun to ride as the big boy 650...just make sure you have a camera...tons of laughs later that night :D ...sorry for the rambling...hope I helped a little.

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XRSpeedRacer -

That's pretty much what I thought, and/or been hearing.

Most of my driving would be on fireroads and trails through the woods, these trails through the woods are mostly snowmobile trails, (in the winter) so they are not that tight at all.

Thanks for the info.


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