------------CLUTCH FIX (6mm lock washers) need HELP------

On sunday I installed the lock washers in my clutch they said 1/4 inch on the bag I am guessing that ment 1/4 wide not thick.They look like they are about as thick as a thumb nail, does that sound right.They fit INSIDE the clutch spring and rested on top of the tower.I used the calipar at home depot to measure them and it said 6 on the dial but I could not figure out for sure if that was right (never used on before)

Let me know if that sounds right

Thanks a lot :cry:

to the top :cry:

The 1/4" measurement is probably the diameter of the hole in the center, if it measured a 6 on your calipers it is 6mm, a little over a 1/4" thick. Did it say .006? Check to see what scale you were in. What kind of problem were you having that made you shim the springs? Slipping? I cant see why you would install the washer on the towers and not under the washers. If you put the washers on the towers it should decrease the amount your pressure plate will go in to compress the plates. Might not be an issue but could cause problems. Are you running an auto clutch? That is the only place where I have seen them shim the towers.

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