Where did the Extra oil come from?

I parked my 04 wr450 at the beginning of the summer.

I just dusted it off and fired it right up this Friday.

I rode it around for 5 minutes.

I pulled the dip stick on the top of the frame (with the engine off).

Oil spewed/gushed out!

Where do you think the extra oil came from?


Just a thought. My old Husky, if it sat for a long time, would pump tranny fluid out of the vent tube. Once a bunch of oil pumped out, it would stop and would not happen again until the bike sat for a long time again. I figured it must get air trapped in the cases somewhere. So then I would lean the bike way over on both sides for a few minutes then start it. No more oil overflow. Hopefully it is the same in your case.

The oil cpicity changed in '04 - it now only hold 1.27 quarts as oppossed to 1.75 ( I think) in the '03's. I would dump all the old oil and start over with a COMPLETE oil change and add the recommended amount and see what happens.

Also being a sump type oil resovoir you may have just warmed the bike up too much prior to checking it. I did the same thing and found that if I warm up the motor while leaving it parked on a level place, warm it up for 3 minutes, per the manual, shut it off and wait 20 seconds I will get an accurate reading :cry:. If I run the bike through the gears, I find that it will spit oil as you have had happen. just my 2 cents :cry:

I've noticed if the bike is still real hot after a ride the oil will be pressurized some, the manual even mentions not to check the oil after riding it.

Let it cool off alittle, then start and let it idle for 2 or 3 minutes and check it.

'03 and '04 have the same capacity. nothing changed as far as oil amount. if you drain your oil from only the frame and tranny plugs, only add one quart before checking the level.

Maybe a line is plugged and not letting the oil circulate back through the engine. :cry: or you had a gas leak and it seeped past the rings and slowly filled up the crankcase?

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