Rear shock tuning

I have an 03 WR450. I just put a stiffer rear spring on. Took it to the track for test ride. Everything is good except on whoops, where the rear is getting thrown from side to side. On the larger jumps, everything is fine. Can some tell me what I might need to do and where the adjustments are.


When I put in a bigger spring (5.6) I had to slow down the rebound (turn the rebound screw in clockwise). I think I'm at 4 or 5 clicks out. Seems to work okay, but a revalve would make it even better.

Here's a guide:

i concur. add rebound damping one click at a time until the swapping/kicking abates. use the stock setting as a baseline and work in from there. one click goes a long way with rebound.

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