2000 YZ426F with a 3.4gal. IMS Tank

Any help on this would be great. I contacted IMS with the e-mail below but they don't have a solution for me?

I own a 2000, YZ 426F and I recently installed an IMS 3.4 gal. tank. As the photo shows there is approximately 1/2" - 5/8" interference between the kickstart lever and the tank. If I clock the kickstart lever one tooth CCW so it will fit in below the tank I am unable to start the engine. Currently I have rubber and tape on my kickstart lever so I do not damage the tank. I need some technical direction on fixing this issue. I am sure with IMS's high quality products that this tank was not designed to fit on my bike like this. Let me know what to do...

Do you still have all the foam and rubber spacers on the frame? Are they in good condition?

Everything is in place and in good condition

My Clarke is the same way. Dont worry about it. I have had the tank for well over a year and a half and there is nothing more then a slight streak of black where the kick starter rubbed and oxidized. No gouges whatsoever. :cry:

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