XR 750 TWIN?

A good freind of mine is a BIG XR fan. He asked me to post this for him as he is interested in any information available on a 750 Twin XR if such a thing exsists. ( new to me ) He claims there is one!

Never heard of such a thing. Is it a Paris-Dakar rally bike?

One of the Doublewide Mags has a fake picture of a 750 V-twin Quad on there April cover.

April fools :)

I may be out of my league, but the only XR 750 that I know of is a Harley Davidson. The XR 750 is the V-twin engine of choice for the world of flattrack racing!

There's a euro only Rally twin that Honda has produced for a few years.NXR 750 looks pretty cool.

Try this linkweb page

Yeah, he mentioned that it was some type of Paris-Dakar bike! Must be a one off or something. He said he would buy one if he could find it. He may have a long wait.

Thanks anyhow for the info. I'll let hime know he's dreaming and will suggest to stick with an AFFORDABLE production bike! :)

Thanks Kenaroo! I just remebered after having posted above that he did mention the Africa twin. He'll be pleased, thanks again!

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