xr660/hrc cam/port+polish/khein41pumper

YEAH!!! :) Go mr660.

How does it go, no replacement for displacement?! :D

Dr Zaius knows whats going on! Would be nice if the two WR north carolina losers could get with the program!!

Just for the record Mr660, if you slowly page up through this thread, I HAVE NOT BUSTED YOUR BALLS LATELY AT ALL. As far as DR.Z goes, remember when I WAS busting on you, he got in some sucker punches as well. Oh well, come to think of it, most of the SuDuki riders that I know are back stabbers with YELLOW bellies. Ha Ha! Anyway, IF THAT IS HOW YOU WANT TO BE, THEN I AM TAKING MY BALL AND GOING HOME! Boo hoo hoo!

hey Zaius! don't pay any attention to loser eagle, he is all talk! just like when he rides: he is all noise and no go! (suDuki rider??), Eagle; You idiot!!

Hey Mr. 660, sounds like you gotta great bike. Three things I have come to say that will cover everything. To each there own. Stuff happens. And some people are crazy makers.

I bought a wr400 new in 98 and rode it hard till 2000. After handelbars, radiator welds, a rear hub, new linkage, new water pump spindle, crank bearings, foot pegs, chains and guides, shims...tires...the list goes on... Needless to say I spent a lot of money and work time on that bike. It was reliable, but needed more maintanance than the 2000 xr 600 I have now since after the 400. The 400 didn't do long trail rides without hurting you pretty bad. Long I mean 14 to 18 hours at a time. They didn't dual sport, and I could go on and on as I did on one of my last questions I asked the forum about pipes. The point is you modify your own. But don't modify without knowing everything you can. The Keihin is a good one no doubt. They have come a long way since 1998. But have you looked in to the edelbrock's? E-mail me at brianheathdean@hotmail.com and I will give you a couple of thoughts and facts about the three big pumper carbs. Nice to see there are a few real riders out there.

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And let me know if any of you guys want to ride some good trails in Colorado. I can hook you up.

No matter what your ability. The better you are the better the trails can be.

Brian, thanks for the invitation, i will contact you through personal e-mail to get the scoop on the carbs

Mr660 I like the way you and DR Z think.


I also have a 96 XR600. I have a question about your cam. I know that the HRCs are getting pretty hard to find. Is it the real thing or a copy of it? What type of gains did you see on top and bottom end? I have been thinking about doing a similar upgrade to mine this summer but I will probably install the 628 kit since I don’t know anyone with the 660 unless...

I also like the fact that you are running 9:1 comp and probably running pump gas too.


xr rider,

The HRC cam is the actual Honda parts cam! Most places i checked the cam was $400.00 bones! but i stumbled onto (servicehonda.com) and got the cam for $240.00. The cam made a great difference on the top end along with the port/polished head and exhaust. (Actually runs like a bat out of hell!) I did not notice any loss in the bottom end related to the cam and port/polish because the increase in displacement made up for the difference. I stayed with the 9:1 compression because the Xr's already run hot. Stock comp. is about 8:1. A 10:1 piston usually can run on premium octane gas but since the 660 kit is a 103mm piston, it is so large that a 10:1 comp. piston will cause detination, so 100 octane gas is needed all the time. I would check out (thumper racing) for the big bore kit and (service honda) for the cam and you will end up way cheaper off than going flat out with Honda's 628kit. Actually the HRC cam used in the 660 kit is the 628 cam! I have the bike tweeked perfect. It runs like it is 100lbs lighter because of the power increase. Be careful with the aftermarket cams because they put a hardened surface on the cams for extended life but the down fall is that the cam will chew up the rocker arms sooner which in turn will destroy the cam sooner. The best combo to go with is stock-to-stock surface

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Call Megacycle and see,,,I think they have a profile that is identical. 415 472 3195.

Thanks for the reply. That was exactly why I asked. Those after market copies may work but they are not as good as the factory. $240 is cheap! I may just pick one up now and hold onto it until I’m ready to build the motor. Baja Designs quoted me over $500 for that HRC cam! Also, thanks for the links.

This post...will...never...die!!!!! :D:)



Hey Eagle,

Does your 426 still bog when you grab a hand full?


Thanks again for your input on the carb trivia. Your opinion and research definately helped! I see that Eagle has not yet responded, so i will for him. If you don't know he is my brother and we yap frequently. After he drilled and tapped the tab on the carb to put the set screw in to set the timing of the accelerator pump he does not have any bog now! he has also done a boat load of research on that carb and the mods. Now if he could put half of his R&D effort towards riding ability he might be able to hang.

Hey Eagle! You should take a minute and offer a moment of silence for the old (Blue goose) since it is longer is with us! God help the guy who bought it if that car starts having flash-backs. There will be no way in hell he will be able to hold her in a line if she regresses!

Brian one other thing, you better be a little more specific when you ask if eagle "grabs a hand full" he may get a little imbarrassed because he is real good at fitting the old palm up, if you know what i mean!! (Hardee har har Your it bro')

Later fella's!!

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As MR660 explained, there is absolutely no bog at all! The BK mod made an awesome difference! High maintenence or not, the WR is a wheel standing machine. I just wish that I could have gotten that much torque and horsepower out of the XR without sacrificing the clutch and bottom end.

Thinking about doing research on my riding techniques !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr660, if I perfected my riding techniques we would have nothing to laugh about. 9 times out of 10 you are better off to twist the wrist and think about it later! It is just DUMB LUCK that it is the 10th out of 10 time that bites in the the rear on a regular basis!

I agree about the BLUE GOOSE, that car handled like it was on rails and went more places than most trucks! I guess since dad sold it, I can start telling the FULL truth about its

where-abouts and missions! Hee Hee!

Also, dont you worry about "grabbing a hand full", it is mine and I can wash it as fast as I want to!

oh - yeah, keep this post going! Mr.660, I agree that using a aftermarket (hardened) cam will cause rocker wear, but when I had my motor done by XR's Only, they replaced the rockers also.

Hello all.

Well some one after my own heart. I own a 1995 XR6 with just a few modifications. Engine was worked on last this year. Complete top end rebuild. Ports matched to pipe and intake, higher lift megacycle cam, 10.5:1 compression, FCR flat side pumper, stainless valves and a K&N filter and a FMF muffler.

How does she run? Well lets see.

Throttle responce. No delay, no gasp, no stumble. See a log (it can even be a case dragger) on the trail. No problem. Stand up, pull back a little and quickly blip the throttle. The front end come right up, right now. Does not matter where you are in the rev range. One squirt from the pumper and it will respond right now.

Rev capability. The engine will hit the rev limiter now and quickly

Still retains that great low end torque and smooth power delivery.

Gas. Pump 91 octane. The increased lift and duration of the cam effectively decreases the effective compression ratio. No pings, No knocking, Nothing besides smooth strong power and torque.

Carb. Bought mine from Sudco prejetted ready to go. Only had to make two adjustments. Opened the pilot screw another 3/4 turn and lowered the needle clip to the #4 groove.

Now I am not going to say the bike is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I have a definate love hate relationship with mine. I have almost thrown it off a clif due to hard restarting at time. I have also thought there is no better bike for me.

An XR6 is not some light weight 125/250 that you can just whip and throw around. You guide an XR6 and work with it. The bike weighs almost 300lbs, has a long wheel base and carries a lot of weight up high. You better be a brute to be able to throw it around for very long.

Tight single track is not what this bike likes. Plan to ride tight single track and you better of ate your wheaties that day. Better yet, leave it at home and take that light 2-smoke.

Now change the terrain to more open work and the bike is at home and a joy to ride. It will flat eat up the terrain and rip down a trail. No kicking, defecting or bouncing all over the trail. Just open the gas and hang on and let it work.

Hey Eagle,

You better look into getting some hypo-allergenic, synthetic, high milage, water-soluable soap if you are going to scrub that thing any more!


Good point! I did put new rocker&sub-rockers in to make fresh mating surface for the new HRC cam. Also changed the valves, and valve springs. God knows that the old springs payed their dues and a whole lot more, they were begging for mercy!!


Fellow modifier! I like the sounds of your mods. Did you have the stainless valves machined down to fit or does someone sell stainless valves for the XR 600?

You are absolutely right on the bike being a real monster on the single tracks. I am 6'3" and 245lbs and it is alot to throw the beast around with me on it when playing on a MX track!! truth is they are not at all designed for that application, but it is fun as hell and a hell of a work out!

HEY fella's I am by far not complaining. All these outings to the MX track simply makes us XR600 riders more deadly for when the light weights want to come out and play! Like i mentioned before; it may be heavy but the old 660 leaves some serious dents&tracks on the ones who have no controll of their mouths!(Eagle i am not going to mention any names!)

The beast on the MX track is like landing a freight train after a 25' launch, but thats OK because the suspension is set up for the woods. In all actuallity the damn thing just rips up the old mother earth no matter where it is! In the woods is a whole different ball game, and god help when an open field comes about. Your destination fastly approaches with a twist of the throttle!! Luckily i must say since i made the mods to the beast i have not had any rider/machine hate days!

Till' next time fella's

[ April 09, 2002: Message edited by: mr660 ]


I like my bike. It can go fast and looks fast. I crashes fastest on it aslwoe. Oops! :D

bye. :)

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