xr660/hrc cam/port+polish/khein41pumper


What the hell did you just say? you must have had a mini-stroke or are you smoking something you shouldn't be?

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No kidding, he must watch too much of The Osbourne's on MTV!

Hey Mr. 660, How is that FMF power core IV? I was thinking about the Q pipe? Have any imput on that?


I noticed above that Mr660 stated that he was 6'3" and 245 pounds. I do not know about the rest of you guys, but I was unaware that they could fit that much POOP in one sack, not to mention, stack it that high! BACK AT YA BRO!

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Go to servicehonda.com and order the complete carb assembly for a CRF450 (that's the 41mm FCR pumper). It's like $350.

Wow, I have absolutley no recolection of typing that post whatsoever. Weird. :) Although, I am not really surprised considrin I am a major crack addict. :D My b. :D

Oh yeah!- Those mini stodes are called TIA's. They are a quick blockage in a brain vessel that passes through, or a bleed that heals quickly. It is usually a good sign that the BIG one is coming up. %10 of stroke victoms have TIA's. Stroke is the #1 cause for disability in the U.S.A. Like that? I got mora dose usless facts, if you would be interested. :D

Go Ozz-Man!!! :D

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sorry i have no input on the Q-series. All i can say is the power core IV is a major difference over the stock pipe. I have not had any other pipe on the bike to compare personally. I have read some good literature on the white bro's E-series.


nice one sh*t-neck!! Why don't you throw out your specs and let the other fella's see how big your sack is!!


Thanks for the lead but is the CRF's FCR the same carb (venturi design, size, slide, accelerator pump settings etc.) as the non-production FCR?


Understandable, we all have bad days. (as you displayed). Pretty impressive of your knowledge of a TIA. I tried to avoid the medical jargon for everyone, so I put it in lamens terms for you and the rest of the fella's. Are you in the medical field or did you do a little research to come up with the definition? Ozzy does rock!

Untill the next reply!

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mr.660, I am just naturally smart! :) Just kiddin! I have been learning about strokes/heartattacks in Issues Class. Like a health class, basically. The teacher, he constantly lies! :D (But those facts are true!) :D

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Don't you worry about the size of my sack! Even flying squirrels look small until they spread out! Then their size nearly doubles!

Brian, I cannot speak for the XR600, but I also have a 1997 XR400 (FOR SALE), that I have the White Bros E-Series on. I have been really impressed with it. I looks good and made a big difference on power too!


(a.k.a- Dounut King) since you are one of the outstanding young citizens taking care of our nations police force (dunkin dounut's- ha! ha!), I tip my hat to you. However, if you do not remember typing that response, maybe you should consider switching to DECAFF while on the clock!

Ha! Ha!


Dr.z, I read that reply I just did and want to clarify something. I was not laughing (ha! ha!) about working at dunkin dounuts, I was joking about the common police vs. dounut shop stereotype issue!


Keep up the good work in class. It sounds as though you have an interest in physiology of the human body or else you would not have been able to spit that info out so fluently. You should look into a career in the health feild it is good paying, job security is bullet proof, and challenging. Plus all your buddies rely on you when they ride with you to patch them up if there are any casualities. Being as how we all have the belief of the theory below, casualities are on a regular basis. What the hell is Eagle busting balls on donuts for? Does he know something we all don't!


Is the squirrel sack you are comparing yourself to the sack that houses the squirrels testicles or what?? but hey even leather can be stretched out if it is cranked on. your it!

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Long Live The Blue Goose.

Hey 660, Eagle called and told me he pick up a case of that super lube synthetic for his bike. He had it posted on EBAY to sell also. Title Read "Undestructable under any circumstances Proven and Tested by the seller." I bet we know what conditions he had tested them under.

Flying Squirrels **** . Everything looks small from a distance. He must have been looking in the side mirror of his truck.

Talk to you Bro's

Roger that bro. He told the story of the harmless bike ride the other day that turned out to be risky. You knuckle heads are like the Dukes-of-Hazard! Insead the Dukes-of-Wake! Poor Oscar!

Later bro. Never be afraid to twist the throttle!


That is some good advice. I have been interested in taking up something in the medical field. My teacher is one of those doctors that fly around in a helicopter, it sounds very interesting.


Hey guess what? I just quite that crapphole job on Wednesday!!! :) I didn't even bother with a notice- just quite. Damn bastards accusing me of stealing "equipment"!!! Bullplop, I say. So, I just left! :D Now I work with my dad as a helper- he's an elecrician. Super easy, ten buckaroos an hour!!!

Peace out, my brothers from another mother(s)!!! :D

Wow, imagine how much he could make if he could spell QUIT! :)


You sure do take a trashing on this site and it doesn't even affect you, you just come back for more! Good job! Another good thing about the medical field is if you don't know how to spell something, just scribble it!! Works every time!


Good Catch and slam!

Dr. Z,

Since it is your turn in the barrel, I might as well take a stab at it! JUST SO YOU KNOW, HOOKED ON PHONICS HAS A MONEY BACK OFFER!

Damnation!!! Why oh why will you not leave me alone!! :) Freaks. :D

PS- I go to a "special doctor" to control any inner anger i have. :D


Huked in fonics woked 4 my!!!

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Ask your doctor for thorazine it does wonders!


Is your FCR 39mm or 41mm?

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