Oil filter cover

I fell last ride pretty hard and put a slight gash in my oil filter cover. Its not deep where the oil leaks out, but it seems to drip slightly and leave a film. My question is, I can't find a part number for the cover(I checked the fiche on Ronayers & ServiceHonda and theres nothing for XR600's) Anybody know if the Xr650L cover will work on my XR600? :cry: I assume it will since they share alot of the same parts, but I want to make sure. Also, I was planning on riding on Thursday/Friday. For a quick temp. fix, could I use some JB weld or something to stop the dripping :cry: Or am I going to have to go a week without riding :cry:

Get a new bike. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

The 650L cover is the same. If it isnt leaking that bad now, then prep it and put a little JB on there. It will probably hold for a litle while. Other option is to have someone weld it, but that would probably cost about as much as a new one.

I figured they were the same. Thats good to know. I'll order a new one tomorrow, but I'll try the JB weld for Thursday.

Get a new bike. :cry: :cry:

Oh, thats comming soon :cry: BTW, at least I don't crash as much as you :cry:

yeah yeah, I'm putting on some Acerbis Bark Busters so I don't keep snapping levers though!! + I picked up a headlight and a tailight so now we don't have to worry about the dark anymore. Bummer you can't make it to KM. We'll hook up when we get back. Maybe we should try a Rowher Flats trip or some other new place.

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