05 450

I've been keeping an eye on tt to see when you guys get your 05 4strokes in usa. I was supprised to hear from my local dealer that he expects to have them this week. We usually get them here in europe about 2 weeks after usa. Looks like europe is getting them first this year, :cry:

I bought my 05 450 in SoCal a month ago. Looks like you are still getting them after us. Sorry to burst your bubble. :cry:

:cry: :cry: OOPS sorry i should have done a more specific search than just "05". Not many bike reviews yet. Wots this about it being slow crap? Now i'm a bit worried about having ordered a gyt-r offroad flywheel. Will it turn it too much like the diesel type power on the 04 honda crf. Any body got coments on this setup, experienced or just an educated guess? :cry:

I have read first hand reports that the '05 has less snap than the '03/'04. Some have gone as far as to say it's slow. Doug Dubach (Dr.D) has been tinkering with, and now offers a cam modification in which the exhaust cam timing is altered to soften the low and low mid-range power to make the bike easier to ride (something like a CRF) without giving up the top end power. My understanding is that Yamaha was considering adopting this mod for the production bikes. The info came from a reliable source, and Doug has long been a key development rider for Yamaha, so that could be what happened.

If that's the case, an '04 exhaust cam would make the bike run like an '04, assuming the intake grind and timing is the same as it used to be.

As far as the flywheel goes, you might find the off-road version of the GYT-R unit to be a bit more than you wanted to add if you leave the bike stock. Bear in mind, also that the '04 had what was basically the GYT-R race (5oz heavier) flywheel in it from the factory to increase the rotating intertia compared to the '03. Yamaha may have equipped the '05 with the same, or an even heavier flywheel. I would try the bike as is first. If it suits you as is, that's stuff you won't have to buy. You might even find that instead of trying to civilize it, that you want to wake it back up by back fitting last year's cam. If so, do that first, and then decide whether the flywheel's too light.

These bikes are by no means slow. There has only been one person on the board claiming that his 250f was faster and that the 450 was slow. It has all the power of the 03/04, just a revised powerband to mellow out some of the initial hit. These bikes are lighter, just as fast and come with better suspension. Don't let one bad apple spoil the bunch. I haven't seen any bad bad reviews on this bike yet.

If they retarded the exhaust cam, then it will not have the same power as the 03/04's.

If we ever get a clear weekend to test all this stuff out, I'll be able to figure out just what was detuned on the 05's. I have a T-4 pipe, and a 04 CDI. I hadnt planned on going with a set of cams yet, but it may just be what the bike needs.

mmbasa, you need to understand what I said about my yz250f's. They're quicker, not more powerful. The 450 is like a tractor, with all the power and lack of acceleration.

I have ridden 2 05's now, both are the same.

double post

I think you are mistaking a broader, smoother powerband for less power.

Joe :cry:

I don't know if it's broader or not, since the rev limit is the same, and if what Dubach did is what was done by the factory, because his solution was to reduce the power on the bottom so you didn't have that "40 horsepower if you can hear it" kind of response at low speeds. Starting with less and ending in the same place doesn't sound broader. The whole thing was supposedly done to make the bike "more like a CRF".

I guess that's what happens when your bike gets almost universally drilled for being "a handful", "a Monster", or "too much for mere mortals". Personally, I like 'em like they was (the '03 does respond well to a little more flywheel), but then, I haven't been on an '05 yet, either.

I don't know if you had a chance to review the Yamaha web site or not?! Per that & there dealer hand out the changes are to the piston,cylinder head (intake ports),combustion chamber shape,air box & ignition mapping (cdi unit). No metion of cam or cams, not to say they have or have not, I'am sure they do not disclose all changes! I took delivery of my 05 450 on August 20th & this bike has gobs of power, it may not rev like a yz250f but it does not need to. It puts the power to the ground & is plenty fast! :thumbsup:If a person can ride this bike to it's limit & not feel like there going fasssst, they are likly to be a National Pro. Excuse me! A International Pro, I forgot this is the web!!!

I think you are mistaking a broader, smoother powerband for less power.

yep, she's broader and smoother all right. Actually the only time it really pisses me off is when the kid leaves a dust trail in front of me on one of the 250f's. And laughs about it. :cry:

Hopefully I can get a ride on it saturday with the pipe and the cdi. If it still feels like something is missing I'll degree the cams. If that turns out to be different this year, I'll probably get a bigger piston and cylinder for it at the same time.

International or local, it's tough to win when everyone else gets there before you.

The 250F has about 30hp, the 450F has about 50hp give or take. &%$#@! is the problem?

Take a pill. :cry:

maybe you missed the part where I said the 250's are not stock?

maybe you missed the part where yamaha has said they detuned the power down low on the 05's?

Maybe you cant make the connection that a detuned bike will accelerate slower?

do me a favor, try to familiarize yourself with a subject better before insulting me. :cry:

The 250F has about 30hp, the 450F has about 50hp give or take. &%$#@! is the problem?

Actually, the stock 250F produces just shy of 37hp. On the other hand, the best I've ever seen published for a modified is 42. That's still less than 50, though.

maybe you missed the part where yamaha has said they detuned the power down low on the 05's?

Maybe you cant make the connection that a detuned bike will accelerate slower?

You seem to miss that the power was not reduced, just moved up the curve. Less bottom, more top.

You also seem to be the only one who thinks the '05 is slower than the '04.

Just an observation.

I agree. I don't mean to sound rude, but you are sounding more like a troll. I have a 280 kit with cams in my 250. And it rips. But nothing like the power of the 450. Sure the 250 handles better, and is faster for me in the trails. I raced the 250 yesterday because of this. The 450 is a beast. I think it's just as fast if nt faster then my 05. Magazines agree it's still a beast. Read the latest articles.

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