Hey Y'all

I'm new to TT, just want to tell y'all about myself: I ride a '97 XR 600R. It's the only bike I ride. I bought it new in Oct.'96, Been riding it ever since. I've competed with it in a few Hare Scrambles and some Enduros, but have just been trail riding lately. I have been riding exclusivly off road since '75 with a seven year Break in the mid and late 80's. I've ridden in Nevada last Summer, but othrewise all my riding has been in South and Central Florida. :)

Welcome !! I also ride a XR600, bought last year mainly to ride it in Colorado. You can say I think the XR is a trust worthy bike, I have a few(4) in the garage.

You certanly are an XR affectionado! I started out on an XR 75, Now my son rides an XR 80! My opinion - "best bang for the buck" dirt bike is the XR, I don't care what the magazines say about the performnce, just look at what Scott Summers and Johnny Campbell has been able to accomplish on an XR. When you learn how to use an XR to your advantage they are a remarkable bike, especially considering the low cost (and ease) of maintenance!

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