Son of a.....

I've done the throttle stop, and put in a james dean jet kit (tremendous results, and unplugged the grey wire, and unplugged the exhaust) on my 03 WR450... Oh, and I put on my ProTapers, and Cycra's this weekend as well..

So the only one left (for free) was the airbox boot..

I spent saturday trying to get the lid off the airbox....

I had the whole subframe disconnected.. exhaust pulled..

but failed to get the lid to fit up through the subframe.. so I put it back together..

THEN I just re-read the free-mods section for the 20th time..

Correct me if I'm wrong.. but the air box boot was not on the 03WR??? my only options are to put more breather holes in the sides of the box?



The '03 has a snorkle in the airbox at the base of the battery. It can be pried out with a screw driver. Some folks have drilled holes in the side for more airflow. The '04s came with the ability to cut out holes in the side. :cry:

Tom :cry:

Your jetting will have to be set again after you open up or drill for more air :cry:

thanks fellas..

I'll get right on it. :cry:

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