HELP Is the 02 XR650R for me?

OK, I have owned a CR 500 for along time and she is getting tired. I have the desire to keep my roost capability but want to move into the 4 strokers. I've always rode red and want to see if the XR 650R will provide they grin factor. I ride trail and hare scramble type stuff. Thank you in advance for your answers. :)

The question "is the XR650R for me" is a question only you can answer. Several others and myself can provide a liitle info to help with your decision.

Power - The XR650R makes plenty of it. It pulls like a tractor with more top end than most of us will ever use. Don't expect it to hit as hard as CR500 with the snap of the wrist. It's not going to happen in stock form. Uncork it and replace the carb with a Quicksilver you'll get pretty damn close.

Grin factor - Definitely! Arm stretching, neck snappin, wheelie popping, Red Thunder.

Ridability - This bike is in it's element in the open desert, fire roads, etc..... It likes to get out and run. Drop a tooth on countershaft and it is much more managable in the woods. Not that it isn't a good trail bike, it is. It's just not what it does best. I find myself working harder in the tight stuff, probabily just me.

Negatives - It is a little heavy, it eats rear tires, you need to spend $300 - $400 right off the bat to uncork it and make it run right.

Positives - Honda reliability, pretty good suspension with a little tweaking a great suspension, an unbeatable motor.

For what it's worth.

:) Man, thats what I wanted to hear. I have to work like heck with my CR 500 on the trails right now, so the XR 650R won't be an issue. My CR 500 in an 1984, and heavier than lead. Uncork her I shall, since I don't know better. The way outta trouble is power!!! :D

The way outta trouble is power!!!

I like that line of thought right up to the point where you go, "think I should have let up".

For info on uncorking it check out tons of info. Brian has done a great job eith his page.

I've got a ton of links on my homepage also.

Tim H

Yea, That line "The way outta trouble is power" has not worked with 100% efficientcy. My Broken left toes and lacerated ankle are proof of that. However that being said, Power has saved me more than brakes. I ride it like I stole it. I stopped by my Honda dealer and he has an 01 BRP comming in new at $4999.00. Is the 01 a good bike or should I pony up the extra 1K for the 02? :)

Nothing wrong with an '01. I bought mine the end of September for about $4100 with extras. Brand new. I don't know If I caught them at a week moment or what. I haven't seen anyone post a lower price for a new. The only changes from the '01 to the '02 are THE BOLD NEW GRAPHICS and the clutch bushing.

Originally posted by mntnmissle:

...I haven't seen anyone post a lower price for a new...

mntnmissle, you're the guy who turned me on the Sun Honda in Colorado from late last year. They sold me my XR650R for $3450 + fees for my new 2001 XR650R and only charged me $125 to ship it overnight to me in California via Forward Air. I still had to take it to our DMV for inspection because it was an out of state vehicle purchase and pay California sales tax - ugh. They had five XR650R's left when I bought mine last year and blew them all out in one day at this one time price during their clearance sale. I think you actually got yours cheaper than mine by the time all the other costs were considered because I remember you getting all kidns of riding gear and other goodies included in your price too - right?

By the time I was out the door with everything, I forget what I exacty paid, but I know you still had me beat. Thanks for your help in pointing me towards a great deal last year! :)

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Damn!!! My price in seattle is now at $4599.00 and I'm pulling the trigger this week. Hey with the pumper card how is your performance?

I must have just caught them at a weak moment, or they screwed up. Extras included Answer pants and jersey, Tech 8 boots, gloves and hop up kit. I try to buy most of my stuff from them even though they are clear across town.

Originally posted by dirtboy989:

Damn!!! My price in seattle is now at $4599.00 and I'm pulling the trigger this week. Hey with the pumper carb how is your performance?

Performance with the Edelbrock pumper carb is awesome! A bunch of us on the XR650R Yahoo (25+ people) group went in together and bought Edelbrock pumpers for our XR650R's and we're all happy with them. There's no jets to mess with and tuning is very simple compared to a jetted carb. The accelerator pump only squirts when you twist the throttle quickly otherwise it returns the extra fuel to the bowl unlike other pumpers. It's also designed to automatically compensate for different altitudes by equalizing the pressure between the float bowl and the venturi from 0 to 10,000 feet according to Edelbrock. My bike starts first kick nearly everytime now when cold, hot or when dumped and the throttle response down low through mid range is significantly improved.

There used to be a dealer in Chanute Kansas selling 2001 XR650R's for $4199 out the door and he advertised regularly in, but I just checked and don't see his adds anymore. Perhaps he's out of the 2001 models now. My local dealer's best price was $4,999 for their 2001 XR650R's when I was looking late last year. About 2 months ago when my neighbor wanted one, I noticed another dealer in my area selling 2002 XR650R's for $4,599, but they've since raised their prices to back over $5K.

$4,599 is a good price for a 2002 model and it's hard to find one at a better price now days from what I've been seeing. You can always offer them $100 or $200 cheaper and see what they have to say. Good luck and enjoy your bike.

Make sure to check out the following links if you haven't done so already as they are interesting to read.

You gotta have the Quicksilver. It is the best. Easy to dial in, the people at Edelbrock know what they are talking about. The best way to descibe how the carb works is that it hits like a two stroke. No hesitation at all.

Also. I'm having my BRP dyno'd tomorrow afternoon. I plan on tweaking the carb and swapping discs in White Bros. exhaust. I will post the print out afterwards.

I have a 2000 XR650 w/carb and intake mods, plus a Stroker exhaust. It livened it up, but for desert racing out here in So. Cal. had to get the suspension set up. Am planning on getting the Keihnen (misspelled) carb later for a little more snap in the midrange. Great bike except for the weight in the tight stuff, but can't touch it in a fast valley.

Hey Guys,

I was at Town & Country Motorsports, here in Phoenix, AZ (actually, Chandler, AZ) last week and saw 2002 XR650's for $4699...don't know what they would charge you "out the door" (and for shipping), but that is a little less than what I paid for mine back in September...


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