HP question.

Quick question: I have been trying to find some dyno charts for the XR600R for awhile now with no success. Can anyone tell me what the HP rating for the stock XR600R is? Also roughly how much extra HP one could expect by adding aftermarket headers, pipe and opening the air box up a bit. The bike has all the power I need but I am just curious as to how the 600 stacks up to some of the newer 400s.

I have a friend that was thinking about buying a built up XR600. I suggested he take a look at a recent Baja Designs catalog. If I remember correctly, they got something like 34 hp stock from a later 90's xr600 and 37 hp with a pipe, various intake mods, and a rejet. No wonder this thing won't lift the front end with a throttle snap...I'm not dissing the old XR's, I'm just biased by the O2 cooled 650R's.

Thanks for the help!.. The info was what I was looking for. Also I had not seen the Honda XR website before... good stuff.

See Dirt Bike, January 1993. They did a comparison of loud and quiet aftermarket pipes.

Stock with baffle 31.5 HP, 36.9 without. Best aftermarket pipe was XR's Only - 41 HP.

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