Hot Cam 426 w/AutoDecomp vs 2003 450 Ex Cam?

Has anyone tried the Hot Cam w/Auto Decomp on their 426 instead of the 03 450 Cam? Is there any benefit to using the Hot Cam? Since the Hot Cam is designed for the 426 is it an easier install?

Damn I have alot of questions...Any answers out there?? :cry:

wish someone would answer you as this is exactly what i would like to know, lol

I have the cam. Yes its a direct installation, it drops right in. To feel the full effect of the performance exhaust cam you must also buy the intake cam. With both cams, the bike flat out rips coming out of the hole and has good mid-range too. Upper RPM power didn't change much.

You can use the OEM 450 cam, but from what I understand it makes the power more broad. I like a lot of bottom end boost and a good mid-range hit, thats why I went with the Hot Cams.

thanks mate, will get out the plastic right away youve made up my mind. The only bad thing about the 426 is the starting, once thats fixed will be so sweeeaaaattttttt.

Don't forget to order a decompression plug too. TT store has them in different colors. With the decomp plug, you can remove the decompression device from the cylinder head and get rid of the cable as well.

Make sure you don't overtighten the set screw for the decompression plug. The aluminum head has very little tolerance in those small threads. The TT plug is definately worth the low cost. I had the Yamaha plug and leaks were the rule. Not anymore.


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