Looking for cheep stock take-off parts 650R

Switching from dirt to street Motard is getting anoying when trying to use the same parts, so I'm looking for some cheep take offs that you guys might have laying around the garage that you don't need and would part with for super cheep. (I'll upgrade eventualy, but not any time soon)

Looking for the following:

Front brake Caliper (I have a motomaster front on that uses half the stock caliper)

Front Brake Master Cyl (would be nice to have the whole system to throw on for dirt riding)

Rear brake rotor (to leave bolted to the rear dirt rim)

Thanks guys, If you have any of this stuff, PM me, post here, or e-mail to Chris@ShowClean.com :cry:


I have the complete front brake set up lever master cylinder,brake line and caliper.175.00 includes shipping

PMed ya,

Thanks much

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