Need some Help TT

Got my boys 11th B-Day coming up in Oct and I want to get his name put on the back of a jersy. Ok thats easy you say well I have to do it from Iraq and all online.

Finding the Jersy is no problem but finding a retailer that will also put the names on is I haven't been able to find one anybody know of a place or 2????

Thanks :cry:

If you call a dealer ship a lot of them will do it for free. I know Everett powersports dose. If you call them ask for matt in parts.

Have you tried the T.T. store?

Ranger, I had mine done at the local "Hockey" shop. Any sporting goods store should be able to do it and it CHEAP. I had "satch" and a huge "9" put on the back of my jersey for less than $10

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