dumped out flame

first ride on my uncorked xr. i rode the first enduro this year and after a dump it would flood out. it took 5 min easy of kicking to get started. that is with the hotstart open. is there a faster way? or is it just don't drop it! thanks. :)

Get an Edelbrock pumper, end of problem.

Originally posted by mntnmissle:

Get an Edelbrock pumper, end of problem.

I'll second how well the Edelbrock works!

No more flodding issues for me and my bike usually starts first kick when cold, hot or dumped with the Edelbrock. Fuel no longer runs all over the the place when my bike is on its side and it no longer floods thanks to the internal fuel cell of the Edlebrock. I can lay my bike on it's side while it's running and blip the throttle as fast as I want and it will stay running.

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