Hrc cam

I just wondered if the HRC cam had the auto decompressor on it.

If not it would be worth getting to add power and get rid of the A/D

I have the WB1652 cam installed and did not install the A/D setup on it. I really like it. Much easier to start. you have to put more leg into it, but starts much faster!

with the carb dialed in, it will start the first time everytime!

the HRC cam does have the automatic decomression mechanism on it. i did a # of mods to my bike including the HRC cam. the combo makes a great difference. check out (service you can get the cam for about $240.00

Can any one tell me how well the khein fcr 41mm pumper carb works on the 600's??


96' xr600

thumper racing 660 kit

HRC cam

FMF power core IV

stock header

ported+polished head

172 main/70 pilot

uni high-flow filter

pro-action susp.

[ March 22, 2002: Message edited by: mr660 ]

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