Honda Horsepower

Does anyone know the horsepower of 96 XR 600

I believe it is in the upper 30's. I am thinking around 37, because the XR400 is around 31.

eagle 426 knows this because he had a xr400 since 97' then could not handle getting stomped by my 600. so he recently bought the wr426. we have not got togehter to go head to head yet. He is correct with the HP.


96 xr600

thumper racing 660 kit

hrc cam

fmf power cor IV

uni high flow

172 main/70 pilot


proaction susp.


Is it true that the reason you are researching the 41mm Keihin carb is because you are SOMEWHAT concerned that "the new improved Blue Goose" will give your XR660 a run for the money? When I did the BK mod, not only did I set the accelerator pump spray to .33 seconds, but I also set MY TESTOSTERONE spray to change from suicidal to homisidal for .33 seconds as well! YOU KNOW THE FINE LINE THAT SEPARATES BEING OUT OF CONTROL, but thats OK because being able to hold on for 8 seconds makes me happy enough to jump off and throw my hat in the air! Later Cheeser!

Somewhere around here on this site someone posted the old figures from DirtBike when they tested exhausts on them in 1993. A fully baffled xr600 then made about 32 hp like an xr400. Unbaffled they made nearly 37 which was just a little off what most of the accesory pipes made. FYI the best pipe and loudest got it to over 41 hp if my memory serves me.

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