clutch cover gasket???

for the second time the gasket has started leaking...

so i'm wondering about installing with sealer instead of gasket.......... has anyone?...

come on someone has had to of done this....anyone

What bike is it for? My psychi isn't up to par today, I guess.

If you've cleaned the surface on the engine case and the crankcase cover properly, installed a new gasket and as long as every bolt is tight, you shouldnt get any leaks. It could be your oil line where it bolts to the cover too, and if its leaking, replace the copper sealing washers. Good luck!


What bike? I've replaced that gasket on my 600 and not had a problem.

Are you sure you've cleaned the mating surfaces really clean? I suspect not or you wouldn't have a problem. Get one of those razor gasket scrapers and gasket solvent and try again.

IMO, don't second guess the design engineers. The thing was designed for a gasket so I'd stick with it.

Everyone is right if you torqued it evenly, 5ft lbs is all it takes (forget the 9ft lbs the mauual calls for), it should not leak. Also check the clutch cover for cracks, they do crack and will leak. If cracked it may cost you about 30 to 40 bucks.

I've had the clutch cover off of mine and reinstalled it :excuseme:NO problems NO leaks...

Dont use any sealants on a rubber O ring JMO :cry:

its an 83 XL 600 i replaced the gasket twice first time i used a gasket scraper... second time i used a gasket removal disc on a dremal tool... all bolts were tight the cover looks like it might have a small crack from the kick starter so i will check that out and see if maybe thats it but i think its just something in the casting not a crack....

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