Dual Sport Questions

I am attempting to get the brp setup as a dual sport with the minimum. I know that one thing the police in our area look for is a mirror. Any of you dual sport guys run on to a small unobtrusive mirror for this purpose? The kit I am using is an E-Line. I see that the regulator is removed and one set of stator wires plugged into the control unit of the kit. I have installed a switch to turn the lights on/off in the hot wire (white/yellow) between the stator and the control module. Would appreciate any advice you electrical types might have on this. I’d hate to burn up a stator. My theory is the open voltage of the stator windings would never be high enough to do any damage.


You can pick up an Acerbis mirror. It really is a POS, but works to get you by legally. Also, you can fold it into the center of the bars when offroad to stay out of the way.

If you ride offroad a lot, get the front handgaurds with the built in turn signals. You will break off the stalk mounted units like the the BajaDesigns kits.


Great site for lots of stuff you will most likely need!

In michigan we have the option to have a helmet mounted mirror, its right in the law. So I have a "bug eye" it sticks to my helmet on the chin area and it actually works pretty good. Then I just push it against my helmet when I hit the woods. For a good multi switch go to baja designs, they have a great all in one switch for the handlebar. :)

Been running a bugeye for about 2 years now. You can ACTUALLY see behind you with it. Doesn't get in the way and never knocked it off. Their website is www.bugeyes.com . RR.

I don't think that you will have any problems with the lights off, the WR bikes give you the option to turn them off and I believe it would funtion the same way,(this refers to stock stator only not rewound). I run a small bicycle mirror off the bottom of my clutch mount. It is out of my way and the view behind is great,(under your arm). Northern Michigan has it nice for dual sport motorcycles, best trails anywhere!

Thanks for the replies guys. I got an Acerbis plastic mirror in the mail today and ordered the bugeye also. Does anyone have the E-Line dualsport kit. Just curious because the rubber fork attachments on the headlight are kinda loose. Wondered if any of you have had problems with them or had ideas to make them tighter. Otherwise it seems like a pretty nice kit. I like the way they did the turn signals; real small mounted in close on the same plastic as the headlight and license plate.


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