Valve clearance specs?

Please help need valve clearance specs for a 01 YZ426F urgently.


Go here then to Tech Articles, down to MISC. then to Complete Shop Manual Chapter 3 then page 3-23 for an '01 YZ426FN.

I added this site to my favorites.


There you go RipNtear!!

Garrett still helping people... It's awesome. If you own a 426 you must bookmark Motoman393's website. Read all of his tech articles. They all apply to the 426. A good example would be the "faulty swingarm slider" fix. Someone here on TT could have used that info and saved themselves having to buy a new swingarm!


I will be doing the swingarm slider fix after I finish the Decomp mod. There is a ton of great info on his site :cry:.

Thanks for the info guys!!!


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