??? :D

The reason I'm asking this is that Iam buying a new bike and have been comparing the XR650R specs. to other bikes that would be in a simular class, this is what I have been seeing:

In comparing the "BRP" to the WR426, this is what I have came up with; according to story in

Off-Road.com the XR actually only weighs approx. 9 lbs more than the WR426???

The 426's seat height is 39.3 inches, while the 650's seat hight is only 36.8 inches. That's almost 2 1/2 inches difference. Giving the XR a much lower center of gravity.

All this combined with the fact that the 426 gives up 224cc's to the 650 leaves me wondering where does any Yamaha (WR specifically) person get off by saying the XR650 is just too big??? The XR is only about 9 pounds heavier, is actually the smaller bike (ie:lower seat)and out powers the WR with 224more cc's. :D

Next I compared the DRZ400E to the XR.

Suzuki has a "claimed" dry weight of 262lbs. The XR 278lbs. :D That's a claimed difference of 16 lbs. Not sure what the real weight is, but most likely it is higher than they claim??? So,even if both companies are telling the truth, cetainly neither are lightweight contenders.

The DRZ has a seat height of 37.2 inches - the XR, 36.8 ; So the DRZ is just a little bit higher.

The DRZ has 398cc and the XR has 649. Again, that's only a difference of 251cc! :)

So what I came up with is both bikes are heavy, the DRZ is a little bit bigger,(ie:seat height) and again the XR outpowers the DRZ by 251cc's.

So, back to my original question........... why is it that everytime you talk to someone about the XR650R all they can say is that it is way too heavy and just too big???

Now, I don't claim to be any expert, (that's for sure) and I am in no way trying to run down any of the bikes I mentioned. As a matter of fact, even though I'm leaning towards the XR, I'm still not positive which one of those 3 I'm getting???

But I would like to hear everyones opinion and thoughts on this specific subject - especially the opinion of owners of the WR & DRZ as well as the XR. :D



You should post this in the wr and drz forums, I think you will get many more replies and I to would be interested in what they have to say.

How does the Xr's suspension stack up to the WR's ?

I doubt it can hold a candle to it

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I'm not sure about the 9lbs thing with the WR426. Most of the shootouts I've read, the WR weighed around 268...thats all fluids but gas. I do know that an electric start DR-Z, ready to ride, weighs 295lbs. I think the XR is something like 305 ready to ride.

Jamo - I might do that, I'll see how the responses go here first. See how hard non-honda guys flame me her first before I jump into the fire further. :)

As far as suspension goes, I think that would depend on what you were using the bike for - but I could be wrong.

RedThunder - I got that "9lbs" thing from here if you would like to take a look: :D

Ride Net Team


Well pitbull here is my 2c worth. I have ridden Hondas most of my life. Had a 600 prior to my 00XR650, I bought the 650 the first year it came out, and I still had my 600, I rode them back to back and the 600 suddenly felt like a big spring. I have heard people say the 650 is half the bike the 600 was, mainly because of the way it handles and the suspension. I ride in the Michigan woods, sometimes very tight. I can keep up with my son on his 99XR250 no problem, he says "Dad how do you ride that bike so fast?" Its all what your used to. In my opinion the 650 doesnt FEEL heavy when your ridding it, its not heavy until you have to pick it up off of your self (and I speak from experience here) I had a 96CR250 for a while, and Im not a 2stroke guy, but I was way faster in the woods on my 650 than that bike and that bike only weighed 215. I would also compare apples to apples. Go with the dry weight, some may say with everything but gas or what ever, but you cant be 100% sure. I have even jumped my bike, no not 75ft tripples but some pretty good table tops, no prob, but I weigh 170. I think this is an excellent bike, but Im biased towards Honda also. And this thing is bullet proof too. Power yeah lots of it, just make sure you put the power up kit in, uncorks it so it can go. Hope this helps. :)

I read the 9lb thing at ORC a long time ago, and I still dont think it holds much truth. The real difference is close to 20lbs.

RedThunder - thanks for the info. :)

That's exactly why I wrote this thread, to clarify a few things that have me really confussed.


Pitbull-I have an XR650R and have ridden the WR, and a friend has a DR400.I will give you my 2 cents.The XR has a great top end compared to the other bikes,and of course plenty of power everywhere.The DR is rather gutless, and the WR has plenty of power but the top end cant stay with the XR. The XR has all day plush suspension,the WR has stiff suspension which is motocross capable but rather stiff for most off-road.The DR has rather mushy suspension which is great if you just want to cruise on the trails. If you like to jump and ride on motocross tracks sometimes go with the WR. If you dont care about motocross type stuff and are into off-road and really love to haul ass get the XR.If you want to cruise around on really tight trails get the DR-thats what its good for.One last tip-the XR is hard to break-super reliable, and doesnt need too much maintence-more than I can say for the WR

Hey Pitbull,

As a DRZ owner, I can only say that I love my bike. It has one thing the 426 and BRP don't. Electric start. Is the Suzuki the better bike of the three? Yes and no. It is the better bike for me. But it is also underpowered compared to the other two. The suspension is a bit soft for the desert (but I guess you don't have too many of those up there :) ) Most DRZ owners over on the yellow side will tell you that it is a great woods bike, it does not feel heavy until you have to pick it up (a la captainmarble), and that the e-button is a great luxury.

I think it comes down to what's important to you and what type of riding you do. I'm sure all three bikes are well capable of doing almost anything we dare to try (except SX :D - and trials :D ). So if you want the most power, choose Honda. If you like push-button starting, Suzuki. If you want lots of practice kickstarting your bike, go with Yamaha :D:D (Sorry - I have USD fork envy)

Pitbull, I have owned XR600's for years, I ride them on motorcross tracks and in the desert, and put a paddle tire on them and go to Glaims . the only time it's a pain, is when the trail turns tight, as far as motorcross, some changes are made like any bike to improve them. :)

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I just got a 2002 WR426 last month, and I absolutely love it. I also have a 1997 XR400. My brother has a 1996 XR600, so I have spent a good bit of time on both XR's. At the time, I loved them. However, my brother went to the Thumper Racing 660 kit and made that bike into a demon that runs like a raped ape. I was wanting a little extra out of my 400, but all the research that I did said any MAJOR mods to the 400 and the bottom end, clutch, and tranny would not hold up. I opted for the 426 and I am extremely pleased with it. Just earlier today, I rode my XR around the block and it felt like I was riding an XR200 instead of a 400. Tru, there is no replacement for displacement, but a lot of it depends on how you ride and what type of terrain you ride. I am not sure about the XR650, but the rest of the XR's are extremely reliable. If you are riding tight woods, I doubt there is much difference on any bike. When it comes to wide open terrain, the XR650 is probably going to take the cake, hands down. Then again it all depends on WHO is twisting the throttle. "You can put a good rider on a bad bike and still turn decent times, but when you put a bad rider on a good bike, you have one hell of an emergency room bill!"


You have some good answers here that show what a resource this forum is. Specifications don’t tell the whole story. These bikes all have different personalities and the better they match your needs the better you’ll like them. In the last 10 years I’ve had several Honda XRs, a CR500, and WR400. The WR and CR were great fun when you are out for a fast blast, they almost demand to be pushed, work best when riding aggressive, Stiffer, suspension, less initial sag, engines that worked best under load, etc. The XRs are happy to put along a fire road and willingly work hard in top gear when the sage is short and the road is straight. Bottom line is you’ll probably need both. I think all of these guys are planning their next bikes along with you.


One last tip-the XR is hard to break-super reliable, and doesnt need too much maintence-more than I can say for the WR

Name one thing that would classify the WR as being more high maintenance than the XR.

Yo Red Thunder the XR is easier to work on and is more reliable so it needs less repairs.Have you ever tried working on a Yamaha compared to your XR? Hopefully ease of maintence is worth something bro.

The WR is a higer stressed, faster spinning motor, harder on its parts and lubricants. Not to mention the XRs ease of valve adjustments, etc.


I remember hopping on the "high maintenance Yamaha" bandwagon when they first came out. Then a friend of mine bought a '98 YZ400, raced a couple years on it with no problems. Then he bought a new WR426, raced another year on that, with no problems. I was very impressed with those bikes. He keeps very good care of his bikes, and I really couldn't see where his maintenace schedule was any more stressed than mine.....and I don't even race.

Sorry guys......I just don't buy into this high maintenace stuff if you own any other bike but an XR.

MORE MONEY THAN BRAINS ! No, I dont think so! Well, possibly because I dont have much money (NOW)and I may very well have less brains! Anyway, when I bought my WR426 last month, I got the additional $700 service option. All required maintenence is FREE for the first THREE YEARS. Also included is UNLIMITED oil changes, therefore, I can take it in every week if I want. It may piss off some Yamaha service men, but hopefully within the next three years of me looking over their shoulder, the WR will be a breeze to work on like the XR already is!

pitbull I am a new rider {1 year}. and have a 2000 XR650R. I love it. everywhere i go people say why are you riding such a big bike on these trails.I did not have an answer having never riden anything else. I like fast trails and fire roads and this bike is a cadilac.recently i rode my friends kx500 and it is totally different. the light weight of the kx500 makes it bounce all over the trail when hitting rocks that the xr650 dosn't notice. I think it's all in what your used to

Pitbull ,

I ride a DRZ and the only compaint I Have is that the suspension is a little soft. If you plan on launching 50 foot triples then get something else. The DRZ suits me perfectly , I ride in the High Sierra. No motocross just endless miles of high country trails. it all boils down to your riding style.

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