looking at a very low mile 2001 650l

wondering what it's worth. only has 990 miles on it. I think I can get it for $3200 - $3300. Only has 1 very small ding in gas tank, otherwise pretty much like new, except tires which have some wear. KBB lists it as $3570 with expected miles. Sounds good to me.

BTW, i'm in florida, orlando area

In '03 I bought my '01 from a dealer for $4000, with 750 miles on it. That was a pretty fair price.

If it has only 990 miles on it, you'd be getting a good value for $3300, I think.


Three weeks ago, I bought my 03 with 900 miles, no dings, WB E Series can and Acerbis hand guards for $3500.

Sounds like a good deal to me.

All depends on the availability of the same or similar bikes at the time you are looking. 900 miles is nothing, it's not even close to being broken in yet.

To be sure, look at the (stock) footpegs and see if the finish is worn or if the frame has any wear marks from mx boots. Check the oil and open up the airbox and look for dirt/debris. If it's all stock, that's better because you won't know how well the (necessary) mods were done.

Seems to be a good deal in my opinion. I got my '98 a year ago with 1.8K miles on it for $3,800 bucks. But it was really clean and had a Supertrapp IDS1 slip-on alreadly installed. Let me tell ya, I'm gettin' every penny's worth out of it!

Keep the rubber side down.

Yes, truly looks like a 990 mile bike. it's all stock, smog pump, the works. Very very little scratching. The guy takes care of his stuff. I can tell by the Yammi he has in his garage as well.

I got it for 3200, will be picking it up tomorrow.

Thank for the replies. Will be back asking questions on the smog removal. I haven't see a good DIY write up on it yet. Saw one that was all text, no pics. Didn't make much sense. Definately want to dump that asap. Then save for rejet and either pipe mod or supertrapp replacement. Also want to unload that monstrous tail light with something smaller. haven't seen anything yet though.

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